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Food & City Tour


I realized that I am always going out of the country to visit some of the best places and sampling some of their delicious foods they have to offer; when I noticed that there are some cool places right here in the U.S.A that really know how to get down in the kitchen. That's when I decided to do a Food & City Tour so I can check out some cool cities and taste some awesome eats that they are known for.


Here are some of the cities I may visit during my tour and some of the foods I think they are known for. 


Do you have a suggestion or a particular eatery or landmark I should check out? Email me and I might add it to my list

Don't Just See the City... TASTE it! 

  1. Albuquerque- Chile

  2. Atlanta - Southern Comfort

  3. Austin - Tex-Mex

  4. Baltimore - Crabs

  5. Boston - Clam chowder/ Lobster/ Beans

  6. Chicago - Deep-dish pizza/ Cloud Gate

  7. Houston - Texas size/ Southern Comfort

  8. Los Angeles - Trendy/ Healthy

  9. Miami - Cuban

  10. Milwaukee - Bratwurst/ Cheese/ Beer

  11. Nashville/ Kansas/ Memphis - Barbecue

  12. New Orleans - Gumbo/ Bananas Foster

  13. New York - Pizza

  14. Philadelphia - Cheesesteak/ Street Food/ Liberty Bell

  15. Portland - Thai/ Fried Chicken

  16. Providence- Street Food/ Lobster Rolls

  17. San Diego - Fish Tacos

  18. San Francisco- The Golden Gate Bridge

  19. Seattle- Pike Place Market / Coffee

  20. Washington D.C.

Subject to change

Please check the blog for any postings

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