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Hello, all!!!


I'm Viccoria but you can call me Cory! I was born and raised in NYC and currently live in ATL. I have always had a thing for food and travel and January 2016 I decided to incorporate both and that's when Fork n Fly was born. I have always loved the travel industry whether it was traveling with family and friends since the age of 4 to Aruba or helping my mother with her agency since 2006. I believe there is a beautiful world out there that needs to be explored. You just need a passport! Now with food.. who doesn't enjoy anything creamy, crunchy, warm, sweet or spicy? You can travel to the end of the world and back with just one taste... With Fork n Fly you get the best of both worlds.. Food and Travel! I am here to give you great recipes and cooking tutorials especially when I try to recreate something I tasted while away. And I am also here to book your next exciting vacation.


Welcome to Fork n Fly!