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Hello, all!!!


My name is Viccoria, also known as Cory. I am a Travel Consultant and a Destination Wedding Specialist based in Atlanta, but originally from New York City. My lifelong passions have always been exploring new cuisines and traveling to new destinations. In January 2016, I decided to combine these two passions and create Fork n Fly.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to incredible places such as Aruba and Trinidad since I was just 4 years old, with my family and friends. In 2006, I started helping my mother with her travel agency, which only fueled my love for the travel industry. I believe that there is a beautiful world out there waiting to be explored, and all you need is a passport.

Food is another one of my passions. Who doesn't love a dish that's creamy, crunchy, warm, sweet, or spicy? With just one bite, you can be transported to the ends of the earth. At Fork n Fly, I bring together the best of both worlds - food and travel. As a Destination Wedding Specialist, I love showing couples that they can have the most beautiful wedding in a tropical location, which will create a lifetime of vacation memories for them and their guests.

I am thrilled to share my delicious recipes and cooking tutorials, especially those inspired by my travels, and to help you plan your next exciting vacation or destination wedding. Let's explore the world and savor all its amazing flavors together!


Welcome to Fork n Fly!

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